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Every long lasting creation requires a memorable property

In a world driven by scientific curiosity and discovery, harnessing and applying nuclear technology has always helped us humans understand the universe better. Your digital empire begins with an internet asset that speaks for itself.  An epic sounding industry specific domain is exactly what your project needs for its atomic worthy success and societal integration. Take a look at our stockpile of brandable internet assets, and begin your nuclear dot property internet journey today – through space and time!


Domains for the nuclear industry

The internet is expanding by thousands of new websites every day. As more and more of society spends their time online, the use case for unique internet products and services is following suit. Reactors need refurbishment, but the right internet domain can last for generations in time – outliving its initial society  and continuously generating digital power revenue. 


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SMR all the way to Quantum

Nuclear technology is currently forming a new market vertical with Small Modular Reactors (SMR). With decades of advancement into improving efficiency and thermal density, we are now entering the era of nuclear-consumer products, that don’t require armies of engineers to deploy. The internet is the perfect tool to get your new products to market, and it all starts with the right domain name.     


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We are a civilian project from oh Canada. We are curious to learn more about the opportunities in cyber space, and constantly re-invest into growing our nuclear name stockpile and marketing strategies for nuclear dot property awareness. The world is a big place, filled with opinions and lack of knowledge, and we want to give nuclear the proud and peaceful name it deserves for open commerce and to peak interest into the subject matter. 


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